Easily migrate your email regardless of the email source and the target format.

Migrate your email

MsgExtract will help you to:

  • Migrate your email messages to another email client, like Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird.
  • Read your email messages even from legacy email clients that are no longer supported like Outlook Express, Eudora.
  • Replace email addresses or domains with new ones when migrating your email: → 


Outlook and Office 365 migration tool

MsgExtract fully supports MAPI and can do a two way migration from / to MS Outlook, Exchange Server and Office 365.

Imap migration tool for Gmail, Google Apps

MsgExtract fully supports IMAP and can use SSL and a SSL certificate to connect to Gmail, Yahoo Mail and others. It can perform a two way migration

Legacy email clients migration tool

Msgextract can read email from legacy email clients like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora and others.

Getting Started

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Getting Started

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