Automated Printing of Email Messages and its Attachments

MsgExtract's Printer Action allows you to print large amounts of email messages and its attachments, maintaining  a correlative order. You can send email from any supported email source.

The Printer Action prints first the email message and optionally if it has attachments, it prints them as well.  It uses the Windows shell to find a program that can print the attachment's extension. 

We have updated the Printer Action to print attachments with the following features:

  • It can print now image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP without using an external program.
  • It can print Word and Excel files using OLE automation therefore not needing an external program other than Office itself.


How does it work?

You can send email from email sources, like Gmail or Outlook to the printer and select which labels and folders will be printed. To fine tune the selection use filters.

You can use the MailExplorer program to print only selected messages.


The Printer maintains a correlative order

The Printer action can print email messages and its attachments, maintaining a correlative order. It waits for the print job to finish before sending a new email or attachment to the printer.

  1. Email 1
    1. Attachment1
    2. Attachment2
    3. ..
  2. Email 2
    1. Attachment 1
    2. Attachment2
    3. ..
  3. ..


How are the attachments printed?

The Printer action uses the Windows shell to find a program that can print the attachments. The following options are available for the attachments

  • Print Images - Image formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP and others) will be printed when this option is selected.
  • Print Word and Excel files - When this option is selected, Word  and Excel files will be printed using OLE automation. You need to have office installed.
  • Print other formats using their shell association - When this option is selected, MsgExtract will search for a program that can print the attachment filename extension, using the Windows shell entries. You should use this option to print PDF files.
  • Print compressed attachments - Attachments that are compressed as ZIP files will be first uncompressed before printing them using the options above.


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About the Author

Jaime Ponce De Leon is the CEO & Founder of MailDev.