MsgExtract Version 2.8 Released

We have released version 2.8 with the following features:

Single Files

New 7-Zip Compression

Email saved as single files ( EML, MSG, HTM, ..) can now be 7-Zip compressed as well as encrypted with AES-256.

New Encryption Algorithms

Email saved as single files can now be encrypted with the following encryption algorithms: AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, IDEA RC2, RC4, TEA, TripleDES, Twofish. 

Both 7-Zip compression and Encryption can batch encrypt email from all supported sources like Gmail or Outlook.

You can batch decrypt email saved as ZIP, 7-Zip or the ones saves with the new encryption algorithms as well. You need to select  the algorithm and enter the password and and the files will be automatically processed.

New Filters

New Range Filter

It is possible to select the starting message and the number of emails that are going to be processed in all selected folders.

New Sampling Filter

The sampling filter allows you to process only a number of messages randomly selected in all selected folders at the defined source.

New Scripting in Basic or Pascal

You can now parse and export data from your email messages not only using regular expressions but also by writing a script in Basic or Pascal that will be executed for every processed email.

This will help you to extract information from email messages easily and is an alternative to using regular expressions giving you a lot of power and flexibility.


Export Parts to Excel

The folder name as well as Gmail labels can now be exported to Excel, CSV, XML



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About the Author

Jaime Ponce De Leon is the CEO & Founder of MailDev.