MsgExtract version 4.0

We have released version 4 of MsgExtract, our email extracting tool.

New features in Version 4

New Email Parser

The email parser now uses rules that can be sequentially applied to the original text, making it a lot easier to extract a part of a text. The following rules are available: Find Start, Find End, Find Between, and a Regular Expression rule.


Alternatively, you can use a script in Basic or Pascal to parse and extract the text. The script editor has also been rewritten.


You can define fields and store the parser output to them. These fields can be exported to several formats like Excel, CSV, XML, and others. You can also export the fields to a database.

New Export to Databases

MsgExtract can now export the parsed email data to several databases, like MySQL, Oracle, Interbase, SQL Server and others.



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About the Author

Jaime Ponce De Leon is the CEO & Founder of MailDev.