MsgExtract Version 2.7 Released

We have released version 2.7 with the following features:

New Bounced Email Filter

The Bounced Email Filter allows you to process or discard messages based in its bounce status (Soft Bounce, Hard Bounce, Not Bounced) using a True or False condition. It allows you to also export to Excel or to a comma delimited format the bounce type, the bounce description and the final recipient.

If you send a regular newsletter or email to a group of people regularly, this will help you to know which email addresses have bounced and the reason.

1. Can detect Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces 

2. It supports conditional branching based in the Bounce Status (True, False)

3.  the following fields can be exported to Excel, CSV, XML:

  • Bounce type.
  • Bounce description
  • Final recipient.

New Attachments Filter

You can use the Attachments Filter to remove attachments from email messages based on their filename. It supports wild cards.

The attachments will be removed if they match the filter defined filenames and are passed to the child actions without them. 

How can you use it?

You can use the Attachments Filter when you want to remove a signature or another type of unwanted attachment or image from the target format.

For instance when batch printing messages you might want to remove the business logo so that it will not be printed. Or if you are generating a PDF and you don’t want some images included.

New Printer Target

We have enhanced the Printer Target by adding control of the printer spooler. it can print now the email message's attachments as well. 

The Printer Target Action monitors the printer spooler when printing jobs and waits for the message and attachments to be printed before sending a new job. This allows us to maintain the order of the emails being printed and its attachments:

Email 1 attachment 1 attachment 2 …
Email 2 attachment 1 attachment 2 …

The attachments can be optionally uncompressed if they are zipped and printed as well.


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About the Author

Jaime Ponce De Leon is the CEO & Founder of MailDev.