MsgExtract Version 3.0 Released

We have released MsgExtract version 3.0 with the following features:

Help Desk Sources

You can now export your help desk tickets from your favorite help desk software as email messages to disk or to an email client like Outlook or Gmail.

Each ticket thread can be exported to one email with quoted replies or to several emails, one for each reply from the agent and the customer.

New CRM Targets

We have improved the email export to CRM targets and added new integrations.

MsgExtract searches your CRM for a user that matches the sender email address. If a user is found the email is either forwarded or created as a note. Optionally if the user is not found it can be created with a user defined tag.

Improved Amazon S3 Integration

We have improved the integration with Amazon S3.

Now it is possible to re-create the email source folder structure when backing up or restoring email messages from Amazon S3. 



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About the Author

Jaime Ponce De Leon is the CEO & Founder of MailDev.