Exporting Your Help Desk tickets as Email Messages

Help Desk Software is increasingly being used by companies around the world to better support its customers. Companies have realized that customer service and happiness is of utmost importance for their long term viability and growth.
Companies like Zappos have set a milestone in customer support and happiness.

What is a help desk?

A help desk is used to provide the customer with help, support and information related to the company's products and services. Typical support desk uses include helping users retrieve lost passwords, helping customers troubleshoot product issues and software technical problems. Usually a help desk provide its customers help through different channels like telephone, chat or email.

Why export the help desk tickets?

Having your help desk tickets available not only on the help desk software itself but on additional software and systems is necessary and convenient. A company needs to have the whole picture and history of to the interactions between a customer and the company. Sales agents can make better decisions; it helps to know if the costumer is having problems with your products. Also the marketing department benefits from it when planning campaigns.

If you are lucky there is an integration between the Help Desk and your favorite CRM system. The integration should allow you to see every ticket that a customer has sent. However, most integrations allow you to export only newer tickets. 
Another reason to export your help desk tickets is to have a backup. You want to have your customer’s interactions saved and not only depend on the help desk software to save them for you. 

Most help desk software uses their own servers to send email, only a few allow you to use your own SMTP server and sometimes only on high enterprise plans. Using your own SMTP server is the most convenient way to have a backup.

How does MsgExtract export the help desk tickets

Our own software MsgExtract allows you to export and backup your help desk tickets to email providers like Gmail or Office 365 and also to a variety of CRM software like Pipedrive, Insightly, Zoho CRM and others.

MsgExtract can export the whole conversation to one email that includes the whole thread or to several emails, one for each reply.

When exporting to a CRM, MsgExtract transfers the tickets that have been converted to email using different methods depending on the CRM:

  • Using the CRM API if one is available
  • As notes
  • As cases 
  • Using the BCC dropbox

Over the next weeks I will post particular examples on how to export tickets from some of the most popular help desk products.


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