Convert Your Email Messages

Save your email messages as individual files or as a compilation of messages


Save and convert your email to the format of your choice

Save your email as PDF files

Save your email as PDF files

  • The email images can be stored and displayed in the body of the  PDF files.
  • Attachments can be embedded inside the PDF files .
  • The email metadata can be stored within making it possible to use them as source for converting them back to other formats like MSG, EML or to export them to Gmail or Outlook.
  • PDF/A support
  • PDF encryption and signing

Compile several email messages inside a PDF file

Save email messages or whole folders as a compilation  into a single file. The resulting file has an index that makes navigating between messages easy.

Supported target formats are:

  • Adobe PDF 
  • Windows Help CHM
  • Mbox format


Save your email as EML, MSG, RTF and other formats

Save your email messages to disk as individual files

  • Formats supported: MSG, EML, PDF, MHT, HTM, TXT, RTF, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, EMF, WMF
  • Files can be compressed as ZIP and 7-Zip files. 
  • Files can be encrypted with the following encryption algorithms: AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, IDEA RC2, RC4, TEA, TripleDES, Twofish.