Export Your Email Data to Excel, CSV, XML

Parse and export your email fields and data to Excel, CSV, XML and  SQLite



MailtoX allows you to parse and export all email fields and email data.

You can export email data from all supported email sources like Gmail, Outlook, Exchange Server, IMAP and others. You can also parse and export data form the body of the email.

Target formats

  • Excel XLS
  • Excel XSLX
  • CSV
  • XML
  • SQLite
  • MS Access

Export all email fields

Every email field can be exported Just by selecting it

  • Submit Date
  • Delivery Date
  • From Name
  • From Address
  • To List
  • CC List
  • Subject
  • Headers
  • Text Part
  • Html Part
  • Message Id
  • Attachments Count
  • Attachments List
  • Priority
  • XMailer
  • Organization
  • Return Path
  • Envelope To
  • Reply To
  • Filename
  • From IP
  • Bounce Type
  • Bounce Description
  • Bounce Final Recipient

Email Parser

Export email data from the body of the email messages.

You can export data from

  • Invoices
  • Sign up forms
  • Tickets
  • Receipts etc.

Any data that has a common recurring format can be exported using :

  • Regular Expressions or a
  • Script in Basic or Pascal.