All the features that you need to manage, transform and export your email messages and your help desk tickets.


Batch processing

Process all your email or only a subset using filters

Parse and extract email data

Export email fields and data to Excel, CSV, SQLite and other formats.

Email printing including the attachments

Batch print your email and the attachments in sequential order

Save and convert formats

Save your email to EML, MSG, PDF, RTF, MHT. PDF files include the attachments.

Download linked images

The images that are linked in the html part can be included in the resulting format.

Compression and encryption

The email saved to disk or to the cloud can be 7-zip compressed and / or encrypted.

Job scheduling

Schedule the extraction jobs at pre defined intervals

Email filters

Filter emails and tickets by different criteria and dates

Spam and bounced filters

Filter bounced emails and separate spam. 

Cloud storage

Save your email to Amazon S3.

CRM export

Transfer your email and tickets to different CRM systems.

Help desk export

Transfer your help desk tickets to email providers and CRMs.